Rikki Organ

Performing Songs From The Golden Age Of Music

Rikki Organ’s Biography

Rikki’s sheer energy and great Rock and Roll voice bring to life the songs that made the great J.O.K. one of Australia’s greatest performers. Songs such as, Six O’clock Rock, Wild One, So Tough, and She’s My Baby, to name but a few, are songs that Rikki sings with the same mannerism as J.O.K. himself.

It’s uncanny to see Rikki perform these songs but when you hear him sing Counting On You and She Wears My Ring you’ll think the “Great One” was still alive!

Added to this are the backing vocals from the most professional entertainers in the business and a band that brings sheer energy to the dance floor.

The friends part of Rikki’s show comprises songs from past and present legends such as Dusty Springfield, Lu Lu, Neil Sedaka, and The Platers. Rikki also impersonates some great stars, including Elton John, Meat Loaf, Mick Jagger and when your hear him emulate Jimmy Barnes it sends shivers down your spine.

Add to this two vibrant young dancers and a five piece band to die for, you have a show that when it’s all over, will have you gasping for air, such is the energy! This show has not just been put together, it has been rehearsed, studied, researched and all characters portrayed are as close to the stars themselves. This truly is a show for YOU!

LIVE TV Performances

  • The Burt Newton SHow
  • The Darryl Sommers Show
  • The John Mangos Show

Rikki’s long list of satisfied clients include the following organisations:

  • Star City Casino
  • Monaghans Mitre 10 Corporate Golf Days
  • Traveland Australia
  • Case Worldwide Tractors
  • Sydney Opera House
  • Hobart Casino
  • Chanel 7 in Adelaide and Tasmanian T.V.